Versatility Of Vinyl

luxury vinyl plank flooring in seattle wa

Not just versatility. There is durability too when you lay out luxury vinyl plank flooring in seattle wa. What people might like most about vinyl is of course that it is a whole lot cheaper across the board. Not everyone these days have the luxury of affordability for those well-known luxury floor surfaces amongst which wood, always still popular somehow, marble and granite. What comes to be known by most cost conscious consumers perhaps is that such luxury surfaces, granite and marble in particular, are not as formidable as it looks.

And of course, wood unfortunately just continues to get eaten away, no matter how hard and smart some of the country’s finest pest-control experts work to contain the termite plague. And let’s not forget the abject vulnerability of ceramic tiling surfaces. As flooring systems, they remain a luxury to most aside of the fact that it can be highly impractical when measured against heavier than usual foot traffic volumes.

This is not to say that the luxury vinyl plank or tile is without its own vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, it does continue to come up trumps in terms of durability and versatility against all other materials mentioned in this introductory article thus far. And as far as cement floor surfaces are concerned, while it may still have its day in industrial settings, it may remain utterly unpalatable elsewhere. That is to say that mostly commercial and industrial consumers are not prepared to put up with the obvious maintenance work required.

Epoxy flooring systems were not yet given a mention in this article. It probably serves its purposes best as clients opt for a combination of same with other flooring materials such as cement and granite, perhaps even ceramic tiling. But vinyl continues to enjoy wider appeal.